Here's what superstar athletes to top CEO's are saying about us
Craig Candeto
Kerry Zavagnin
Charlie Hughes
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"Preparing youth to be leaders through athletics and engaging them to take responsibility for their lives and outcomes is the best possible gift you can give a son or daughter who is deeply involved in sports. The energy in SALTE reminds me of a program taught by Jim Loehr of sports medicine fame that changed my life."
-Charlie Hughes, CEO Brand Rules,
-Coauthor, Branding Iron,
"(SALTE) is a holistic development for the student body that I am sure no one
else is doing or even thinking about."
-Jim Newell, HR/ Communications Director, TI Automotive
"Thanks to SALTE, my son’s character, leadership abilities, and play have
tremendously improved . . . to the point of being selected to the Mississippi Boys All State Soccer Team and earning a full college scholarship."
-Jackie White, Parent
"This is the best training program I have ever seen offered to student athletes.  SALTE benefits the students undergoing the training, their families, their coaches and ultimately their communities.  There is simply no other training like this out there.  It is extremely practical, fun, and desperately needed.  SALTE is a way of life".
-Chad Acton, former University of Alabama Punter
"In today’s world there are too many athletes who do not develop the academic and leadership skills necessary to become successful in life. SALTE training is practical and powerful . . . The only thing I regret is that this type of training was not in existence when I was going through school."
-Craig Candeto, Quarterbacks Coach, The Citadel, Navy QB, 2001-2004, Navy Athlete of the Year, former United States Navy Fighter Pilot
"Having been involved in sports for over 30 years, I believe that all players and teams would benefit from SALTE training.  It is vital that we provide a platform for the development of outstanding students, competitive athletes and quality leaders.  SALTE training can help maximize our potential in all of these areas".
-Kerry Zavagnin, US National Soccer Player, MLS ALL Star/Champion and Professional Coach,