Jim Bernthal

Jim Bernthal, a native of Detroit, MI, is a Certified Professional Coach, consultant, and speaker specializing in life, leadership and peak performance skills.  He is a retired Marine Officer who served as an AV8-B Harrier attack pilot, instructor pilot and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Jim has a master's degree in psychology with an emphasis in organizational leadership and is currently working on his PhD in a specific type of performance psychology.

Jim has addressed a wide variety of audiences ranging from students and coaches to professional athletes and executives.  He has also performed in front of crowds of up to 60,000 while flying in air shows.  Whether teaching advanced tactics to jet pilots or coaching, Jim knows how to motivate and prepare those he trains.  He has a tremendous drive to get the best out of people.  

In March 2008, after 10 years of flying, Jim was forced to eject both himself and a student from an aircraft that became out of control after landing.  This near death experience catapulted Jim in a new direction and he founded SALTE, a performance based, character building program designed to help students reach their full potential in all aspects of life.   Jim conducts one to four day high energy, multi-media seminars and key notes on subjects such as: Attaining the Mental Edge, Goal Achievement, Teambuilding and Leadership.

Jim has helped many people achieve their goals and dreams.  Let him facilitate you in your pursuit of excellence   

Jim lives in New Bern, NC with his wife Rhonda and their five boys, Jacob, Charlie, Max, Russell and Xavier.  

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"An exceptional leader and instructor. His relaxed but assured teaching style made me immediately trust his abilities, and through his mentorship I developed and learned to trust my own strengths." 
Josh Clarke, entrepreneur, former military pilot
Praise for Jim
I recommend Jim Bernthal as a great trainer of athletes. The success of our team this year was due in fact to his training techniques". 
Coach James Matthews  
Jim can be summed up into one word - genuine.  He is the real deal.  Everything from his instruction to his family speaks of his dedication to excellence...but what is far more impressive is his ability to mentor.  His concern for my success was evident on our first flight and it continues today.  I was never afraid of him.  I was simply afraid to let him down. Willing to share all that he knows, he is the rare leader that one naturally follows."
Lt Joel Gow, USN, F/A-18E Super Hornet Pilot
Jim flying a mission in a Harrier