Basic Overview_______________________________________________________________

Each class is approximately 50 minutes long and is taught by a highly experienced instructor. Our peak performance system is comprised of the following courses to help our clients develop character, compete to win and reach their full potential.

Core Courses________________________________________________________________________________ 

*Leadership – We desperately need outstanding leaders in our communities, in our classrooms and on our athletic fields.  This class defines leadership and teaches the philosophies and traits of great leaders.  Also discussed are the challenges leaders face and how to deal with those challenges.  This course provides a foundation for successful leadership that most people never receive.

*Team Building – Every team is built from a group of individuals.  Adding to the lessons learned in our “Leadership” course, we now teach you how to apply these crucial principles to any team/ group you belong to.   We also dissect how some of the finest teams ever assembled operate to provide concrete examples of what is possible when a group acts like a team.

*Goal Achievement – Success doesn't just happen.   It starts with a thought which turns into a dream.  In “Goal Achievement” we give you the tools to help you realize your dreams by breaking them down into small yet specific , manageable steps.  This highly practical course will give you a sense that nothing is out of your reach as long as you have the right plan and stick to it.

*Attaining The Mental Edge – Our minds are extremely powerful.  Studies have proven that we (our bodies and minds) react the same way in a real situation as we would in an imagined one.  It has also been proven that visualization/ mental rehearsal enhances performance in virtually any area it is applied.  We show this during our course and then teach you how to capitalize on this powerful tool so that you can increase performance in any area of your life.  We also break down what being in "the zone" means and how to get there.

Upon completion of the core courses students recieve a Certificate of Completion.

Other Courses Available on Request______________________________________________

Injury Prevention/ Risk Management – Life is risky, especially for student athletes.  Chances are you know someone whose life has been altered by a serious injury.  Accidents and injuries occur every day.  That doesn't mean that we should stop getting out of bed or stop competing.  In this course, we teach you a new mind and skill set to help you identify hazards and implement controls to reduce or eliminate risks so that you can operate at optimum sustained performance.  You will feel a new sense of control in your life with this knowledge.

Time, Energy and Action Management - We lead such action packed lives that sometimes we get overwhelmed, overextended and suffer from burnout.  In this course we help you to organize, prioritize, energize and enjoy all you want to do in life.  You will find you have more time and energy than you ever had before, after applying this information to your life. 

Marketing Yourself – In “Marketing Yourself” we will teach you how to allow your character and leadership abilities shine thru to show others that you are the right person for the job.  Whether you are competing for a scholarship, interviewing for acceptance into a certain program or meeting with a potential employer,  you will be confident, prepared and excited to meet new people and face new challenges.   We also teach the power of creating networks and encourage our clients to tap into our SALTE network.

Scholarships and Applying for College – So many of our young student athletes believe that college coaches are going to beat down their doors to offer them a “full ride” athletic scholarship.  Sadly, this is rarely the case and opportunities for athletes go wasted due to this mentality.   In this course we educate you on the recruiting process and show you how to attract college coaches so that you can earn an athletic scholarship.  We also show you other ways to help pay for the monumental cost of a college degree.

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