1st 30 minute consultation is FREE

Coaching sessions = $50 / hour                    

Note:  Package Deals Available

Curriculum class = $100 / class

$200 / student
Option 1 - 1 day - 6 hours
Option 2 - 2 days - 3 hours / day

*Includes Certificate of Completion*
$1000 / day  
$1500 / day - Weekends and Holidays

*Includes Certificate of Completion*
Basic Coaching Fees
Note:  Certain fee's are subject to change based on travel, number of attendees and location. 
1 on 1 Coaching - In Person, Phone or Video Conferencing
$1000 - Weekdays
$1500 - Weekends and holidays
Keynote Speech
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Additional Expenses:  In addition to our fee's,  the host is responsible for all travel expenses, which include airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, meals and incidentals.
Contract: When a coach confirms availability, a contract is sent to the host to ensure that the needs of both parties are clearly defined. Outlined in the contract are details of the event and duties to be performed.

Payment Terms:  A retainer fee is collected at the time a coach is booked for an event. This deposit guarantees the date is reserved on his/ her calendar.

Cancellation Policy:  In the event of a cancellation by the host, the retainer fee will be forfeited. If a cancellation occurs within 60 days of the event date, the entire fee and any already incurred travel expenses will be due.
SALTE is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  It is our goal to train everyone who desires our services.  We work with donors to ensure that those who have the need for scholarships are afforded the chance to receive our training.